Basic Mental Kung Fu

Let's teach some basic mental kung fu. I see people on this side of the internet who know shit is all fucked up, but nobody can agree on who exactly is doing the fucking, and it turns to rage and name calling rather than investigation and clear thinking. They're the butt of jokes on the… Continue reading Basic Mental Kung Fu

The Curse of Abstraction

I believe with sufficient disambiguation of the variables and their relations, anything can be encoded and modeled. Deciding what to disambiguate is the real challenge, because our minds seem to have us convinced that we already know everything.Various economies remain vaguely understood. Teasing out the underlying dynamics to these hard relationships and formulas could help… Continue reading The Curse of Abstraction


So, I was going to write this article called CAST IN THE NAME OF GOD YE NOT GUILTY for a general audience on this grease bucket catch-all blog known as thickDumps. The intention was to explore the dynamics of epiphanies while rectifying online personas with offline realities. The framework was taking shape. I was going… Continue reading CAST IN THE NAME OF GOD YE NOT GUILTY AND META EPIPHANIES OF VARYING DEGREE

Energy is the Weak Point of Artificial Intelligence Hegemony

This is going to occur very fast. Please understand as fast as humanly possible. Computers calculate faster than man. Much faster. They can generate strings of text faster than man can possibly type. For each letter man makes, a computer can produce entire books and libraries. The situation is going to escalate in the blink… Continue reading Energy is the Weak Point of Artificial Intelligence Hegemony

Patrick Byrne Reveals Corruption In The FBI and The CIA

There is very deep corruption within the American government. Who denies this? Joe McCarthy revealed the Communist penetration of the State Department in the 1950's and the penetration has only grown since. What has been done to stop this growth? It's especially concerning for average American citizens because while Communism infects more of its host… Continue reading Patrick Byrne Reveals Corruption In The FBI and The CIA

What Was The Internet Like In The Early 2000’s?

The early internet was the best internet. Nothing compares. The internet now is hard to recognize. Maybe the internet now should just die? It was a sacred ritual to connect. After supper and dishes I would boot up the computer and do some things, then I would come out to the living room where my… Continue reading What Was The Internet Like In The Early 2000’s?

The Application of Unbounded Will

Man is in a unique position to leverage physics to do his bidding and has nobody to blame for his failure to evade the heat death of the universe but himself. A single man's imagination is currently restricted to the density of his physical neural connections. For this reason, a sufficiently engineered solution to universal… Continue reading The Application of Unbounded Will